What happens if I accepted?

On arrival in L'Arche we will ensure you are welcomed and supported in your new role and lifestyle. What can you expect?

- Live-in assistants receive food, accommodation, training, holiday time and a personal allowance.

- Formal induction on arrival to the community and to your role as a care and support worker lasting around six weeks.

- During induction you will be supervised at least weekly. After induction you will be supervised formally every 4-6 weeks by your house leader.

- You will receive a Learning Disability Qualification (completed within 12 weeks of arrival).

- There will be additional training sessions, known as 'Formation,' which cover the history of L'Arche, your community, and questions around L'Arche values.

- After 12 weeks you will have a probationary period review. If this is passed you will then be registered for the NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care.

- At the end of your first year you will have an appraisal to help us plan with you, your goals and priorities for the coming year.

- We also offer you the opportunity of participating in our mentorship programme called 'Accompaniment'. You will have the opportunity to meet with your mentor for one hour every month. This is usually set-up after the probationary period review.

- Like all L'Arche members, you'll be encouraged to have interests, connections and friends within the wider community of your town or city.

NB. Each community is different, with varying resources, and legal requirements. The induction process, lifestyle and remuneration are slightly different in each case.

Find out more on our Working in a L'Arche Community homepage.