2020 has been a surprisingly busy one for L’Arche Manchester. Despite finding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic and being under lockdown and tier 3 restrictions for much of the year, a great deal of fun has been had, including:

  • Beginning a new Mandate – here’s to the next 4 years!

  • 12 Community gatherings

  • 3 Boogie Nights

  • Our first Community quiz

  • 12 Bake Offs

  • 50 Brewteaful Mondays

  • 100 km covered in a week by running, walking, hopping, swimming – raising £1,380 for L’Arche International Communities around the world

  • 5 Speaking Group Meetings

  • 10 Assistant Forums

  • Joining the L’Arche UK prayer meetings

  • We ran, walked or cycled a total of 750 miles and raised £1,780 in a week for our 500 Mile Challenge

  • Growing sweetcorn, onions, courgettes, carrots and other things in our new polytunnel and raised beds

  • A month of Wellbeing in November

  • A Spice Girls lip sync video

  • Saying goodbye to 7 assistants and welcoming 18 more.

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