Emily, Emma and a whole group of us are taking part in the 10k Great Manchester Run, whilst Lydia is doing the Junior Run on Sunday 19th May 2019, all raising money for L’Arche Communities around the world.


Emily has been taking part in the Manchester 10k for several years now. She has an amazing three-wheeler, all-terrain, buggy and a team of runners take it in turns to push her around the course.


This year we have a bigger team than ever before. For some of us this will be our sixth year taking part. Emma is a dedicated runner and takes part in the 5km Park Run most Saturday mornings. After completing the 10k last year, she’s taking it on again this year.


We are so proud of Team L’Arche Manchester!


We want to raise lots of money for L’Arche communities around the world who need our support.


There are more than 150 L'Arche communities in over 37 countries.


We are fundraising for Communities that receive little, or no, state funding.


For example, in India, L’Arche Kolkata has been a place of sanctuary and belonging for people with learning disabilities for more than forty years. Many of the children and adults supported by L’Arche were orphaned, sometimes found on the streets or on train platforms, exposed to extreme poverty, often to discrimination and sometimes violence. As well as being a home for life for some of the most vulnerable people in Indian society, L’Arche also provides vocational activities and training, education and basic healthcare. L’Arche Kolkata reaches out to some of the poorest families with children with learning disabilities, providing practical support such as physiotherapy and vital medications, and emotional and social support.


Thank you for supporting us to support L’Arche Communities around the world.